Thursday, May 29, 2008

Cindy & Kaia

May 27, 2008
Cindy and Kaia in Malibu. Credit: Celebutopia

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Rachael Ray Show

May 21, 2008
Cindy on Rachael Ray show! Official website
The supermodel and supermom opens up about food, family, her secret crush, and her favorite guilty pleasures!

Supermodel Cindy Crawford tells Rachael the secret behind her 10-year marriage to restaurateur Rande Gerber. "Marriage is hard work," she admits, "and anyone who thinks it's easy ... unfortunately, all the movies show you this romanticized version of what marriage should look like, and you think, 'If my relationship is not like that there must be something wrong.' But that's not true -- it is hard work, every day. I think Rande and I really work hard at having couple time because family life does tend to overwhelm you and take over."

In addition to successfully juggling family and a career, Cindy has made time to be environmentally conscious. "The thought of going green is intimidating, but what I realize is you can just start with one thing. You know, let's say, unplugging your appliances when you're not using them. Then, make the next step," says Cindy, who is proud of her eco-friendly lifestyle. She is teaming up with PUR to introduce a reusable water bottle, with proceeds going to a charity for children's safe drinking water in underdeveloped countries.



Cindy Craword is fuming with husband Rande Gerber - because he has double-booked their 10th wedding anniversary and has to work.
The supermodel and her nightclub developer spouse will reach the landmark on 29 May (08), the same day Gerber unveils his latest Las Vegas hotspot.
The pair will attend the bash together - but Crawford is expecting an extra special anniversary treat to make up for the disappointment.
She says, "My husband is opening a club on our anniversary. It's just one day. We can celebrate another time."

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Green Cindy

SYDNEY (Reuters Life!) - Supermodel Cindy Crawford was feeling guilty about not being green enough until her children pushed her into action.
Now the American model has taken steps to make her Malibu home more environmentally friendly and signed up for a campaign with PUR Water Filtration Systems promoting filtered tap water over plastic bottled water.
Crawford said this would help eliminate some of the 50 billion plastic water bottles used by Americans every year and save people money as well as being good for their health.
A limited-edition water reusable bottle designed by Crawford is available at with all proceeds going to Procter & Gamble's "Children's Safe Drinking Water Program" to help reduce water-related disease in many developing countries.
Crawford, 42, spoke to Reuters about going green:
Q: What prompted you to think green?
A: "My kids (Presley, 8, and Kaia, 6) are the ones that inspired me to want to do more. I am concerned about the planet that I'm leaving to my kids and the school they go it very environmentally conscience. They cut down on plastic, they recycle, they have solar power."
Q: Do you think the younger generations are more environmentally aware?
A: "Yes, because that is the culture they are growing up in. They are growing up with a lack of fear of computers and they have a different relationship with them than we do. They are also being brought up not to take the environment for granted and they are beginning to bring that message home."

Q: Were you feeling guilty?
A: "I wish I was more green than I am and I really want to be. This campaign shows people you don't have to go far. You can make small changes in your life and it can make a difference. This is an easy change. You can do it by yourself at home. In Los Angeles everyone has a water bottle with them so get a reusable one and make that change."
Q: What else have you done at home to be greener?
A: "I wasn't aware that if you leave your charger plugged in it is drawing electricity. Once I knew this I started to unplug my phone charger when I wasn't using it. I went to my husband and said the TV in the guest room should be unplugged when it is not being used. There are a lot of other plugs in our house that can be pulled, like the toaster. I have left the microwave in the kitchen plugged in though as I use the clock on that."
Q: Any other ways?
A: "I have stared to reuse cloth grocery bags. I bought loads of them and have left them everywhere so no one has an excuse not to use them. Just these small steps make a difference and you will feel better about it yourself. There is so much more I can do and I will do that in a way that does not overwhelm me."
Q: Do you think the showbiz world is getting greener?
A: "A lot of my friends are very environmentally aware. I don't know a single person who didn't see Al Gore's movie An Inconvenient Truth. Even Vanity Fair does a green issue which shows that it is emerging as a mainstream issue and it will get more so. As a parent you care not only about the world you are creating for your children but the world you are leaving them."
(Reporting by Belinda Goldsmith, Editing by Miral Fahmy)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Cindy Crawford Home Collection

May 16, 2008
Cindy showcases her "Cindy Crawford Home Collection" at Rooms To Go in Buckhead, Georgia.

Cindy Crawford: Furniture line has 'a lot of me in it'

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Published on: 05/16/08

Models don't retire; they diversify.

So it should come as a surprise to no one that supermodel Cindy Crawford designs a furniture collection for Rooms to Go. But when company CEO Jeffrey Seaman first approached her with the idea, Crawford's initial response was "Why me?"

Why not?

Long before model Heidi Klum filmed her first episode of "Project Runway" or Tyra Banks donned a fat suit for her daytime talk show, Crawford made the move to television as host of MTV's "House of Style" in 1989. Now she puts that fashion gene to more practical use. Since its launch in 2005, Cindy Crawford Home has released nearly 50 collections that include everything from living room sets to kids' furniture and accessories.

Crawford, interviewed from her home in Malibu, Calif., will stop in Atlanta at 11 a.m. May 17 to sign autographs at the Rooms to Go at Mall of Georgia. Atlanta serves as the executive headquarters for the Florida-based Rooms to Go.

Q: How did you connect with Rooms to Go?

A: Jeffrey Seaman was thinking about doing something different when he ran across my picture in a magazine and said, "Yeah, let's get Cindy Crawford."

I wasn't familiar with Rooms to Go. It's huge in the Southeast, but if you're not from the Southeast you haven't heard of it. ... We met at a Rooms to Go in Dallas — halfway for both of us. Once I got into the store I was sold.

He helped me get over looking at myself as only a model. He said, "Cindy, you have style and that translates to other areas of your life."

Q: Are you very involved in the design process?

A: It started out with a design team from Rooms to Go coming to my home in Malibu. I walked them through the house.

I wanted them to get a sense of who I was and how I liked to live. I pointed out what I liked. My husband [nightclub owner Rande Gerber] and I love to read design magazines. We love traveling. I'd tell the designers, "Use this finish" or "Try this color." Then the real designers would go do their thing and present to me.

At that point I think I'm very effective as an editor. ...

I see the product at every stage, from the drawings to the fabric swatches. I look at the wood finish, the samples, and then the finished products. ... With 20-plus years of experience, I'm valuable with the marketing. I'm good at working on scripts for commercials and picking photographers. ... It's my furniture line. It has to have a lot of me in it.

Q: Where do you get inspiration for your designs?

A: The fact that I'm a mother influences a lot. I constantly ask questions like "Is it washable? Is someone going to get hurt on it? Is it good quality?" You have to ask, "Does it fit with my decorating taste?"

A race-car bed is nice and the kids want it, but I don't want it in my house. Hopefully my child won't be going to therapy because I never got him a race-car bed. I wanted the frame of their bedroom to be something that they wouldn't get sick of in one or two years.

Q: What's hot in fabrics and furniture styles?

A: We're looking to use color, but on more traditional frames. Even some of our very successful leather pieces we are doing in burnt tangerine and raspberry. ... Also, I love fabrics that look great and feel great but are durable.

Q: Your husband is opening Whiskey Park at the W Atlanta Midtown. Have you offered any design tips?

A: We both really respect each other's opinion. I'll show him designs and he'll do the same for me. But it's nothis first time at the rodeo. ... [Whiskey Park] is super sexy. It's Versace meets hip-hop, and it's really cool. I'll be there for [the official opening night on] my 10th wedding anniversary on May 29.

Q: You and other models have moved on to other pursuits. How do you feel about the idea of model as mogul?

A: I just think we're the lucky ones who were able to take advantage of opportunities before us. But you also have to be a little bit fearless. ...

And I'm not the 25-year-old model that I was, I'm a 42-year-old mother of two. It makes sense that I'm talking about homes.

I've let the things I'm passionate about in life translate to my work, and customers are smart enough to know when you're authentic.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

"Hola!" & Access Hollywood: Cindy's personal pain

Isabel Preysler (Enrique Iglesias’s mom) interviewed George Clooney for Hola! magazine in the Gerber's Malibu house. Watch out for the May 21st issue of "Hola!" for the spectacular photos of Cindy, her beautiful family, stunning beach house and for the event especially organized for Isabel and George Clooney for his 47th b-day.

May 15, 2008
Access Exclusive: Cindy Crawford's Personal Pain

Over 30 years ago -- a nine-year-old Cindy lost her three-and-a-half year old brother, Jeffrey, to leukemia --now, Cindy speaks openly about this very sad and painful chapter in her life.

A Fashionable Life

Cindy and Rande on the May cover of Atlanta's Jezebel magazine

She is one of the world's famous supermodels. He is a nightclub impresario. She is a control freak. He is a perfectionist. Together they have a beautiful beach house in Malibu, Calif., two children, busy careers, looks, fame and money. It’s easy to envy their lifestyle, but Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber are set on making their style available to everyone–with a splash and a twist. MORE...

April 10, 2008
Cindy and Rande out in Malibu.

Cindy honored at the DKMS 2nd Annual Linked Against Leukemia Gala

May 7, 2008 New York
DKMS Raises over $1 million at 2nd Annual "Linked Against Leukemia Gala"

Super Model Cindy Crawford & Emanuel Chirico Honored and Mario Cantone Emceed the Event and Natasha Bedingfield Performed

New York, New York (May 7, 2008) — DKMS celebrated their 2nd Annual “Linked Against Leukemia” Gala tonight at Capitale in New York City. The black-tie affair raised 1.18 million dollars, enabling DKMS to register over 12,000 new marrow donors. DKMS, the world’s largest marrow donor center with more than 1.6 million registered donors, has helped facilitate more than 14,000 transplants.

The evening was hosted by actor/comedian Mario Cantone and featured musical performances by international pop-star Natasha Bedingfield, along with Darryl “DMC” McDaniels and platinum-selling recording artist, Sarah Connor. Cindy Crawford and Emanuel Chirico (Chairman & CEO, Phillips-Van Heusen) were honored. The event’s Honorary Chairman was Bernd Beetz (CEO, Coty Inc.) and committee members include Lauren Santo Domingo, Vanessa von Bismarck, Viktoria von Wulffen and Tom Murry, President & COO of Calvin Klein, Inc.

The evening was also an unforgettable celebration of the “moment of the match” between patients and donors. One young patient was united with her lifesaving donor for the first time, live on-stage at the gala.

Continue to read from the DKMS official website:

Thirsty for Change Campaign

May 7, 2008New York

Cindy Crawford's New Eco-Chic Campaign
Former Supermodel Teams Up With PUR Water Filtration System to Help the Environment and Poor Children

After giving birth to two children, former supermodel Cindy Crawford says she had an "eco-awakening."

The celebrity mom has now teamed up with the PUR Water Filtration System company to raise awareness about water and plastic waste through the "Thirsty for Change" campaign.

Crawford has designed an eco-chic reusable aluminum bottle with PUR and is hoping her example will inspire others to adopt more environmentally friendly habits.

Though estimates vary widely, PUR says that last year Americans went through 50 billion plastic water bottles, with 38 billion of them ending up in landfills. National

By switching to filtered tap water and a reusable bottles, PUR says each person can help cut down on plastic bottle waste, save money and protect themselves from dangerous contaminates.

"As a mom, I'm particularly concerned because I want my kids to grow up in a healthy environment. I filter my tap water with PUR. It's a really simple yet impactful way to reduce the amount of unnecessary plastic my family uses, while also ensuring that we always have access to clean, great-tasting drinking water," Crawford said.

More than 5,000 children die every day because they don't have access to an adequate supply of clean, safe drinking water, according to PUR. Proceeds from the limited-edition Thirsty for Change bottle will benefit Procter & Gamble's Children's Safe Drinking Water Program. Credit:ABC News

Cindy leaving ABC's studio in New York

May 5, 2008 Vanity Fair Green Beat Blog
Cindy Crawford: Break the Bottled Water Habit Challenge

Magazine Appearances & Advertising Campaigns

French Elle, April 7, 2008

Italian GQ, January 2008

2008 Remington ad campaign

April 2008

April 30, 2008, Vanity Fair Green Beat Blog
Cindy Crawford: Kids Going Green
April 29, 2008
Cindy at the Ronald McDonald House Charities Celebrity Mother's Day Event held at the L.A. Ronald McDonald House in Los Angeles, California.

April 29, 2008 Vanity Fair Green Beat Blog
Cindy Crawford: Green Is Living Large
April 26, 2008
Cindy and Rande attend the 19th Annual GLAAD Media Awards held at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood.

Cindy accepted the Pioneer Award on behalf of the late photographer Herb Ritts. Crawford recalled being shot for Ritts for a 1993 Vanity Fair cover in which she appears in a bathing suit and high heels and pretends to shave out lesbian singer k.d. lang.

“I remember k.d. blushing as I climbed on top of her,” Crawford said. (A rare print of one of the shots from that now legendary shoot went for $22,000 at the live auction following the awards.)

April 26, 2008
Cindy and Monika Jakisic after having lunched at Il Pastaion restaurant in Beverly Hills.x17 VIDEO

April 25, 2008 Vanity Fair Green Beat Blog
Cindy Crawford: The Power of Eco-Moms
April 22, 2008
Cindy with Rande in Malibu. Night time out for Cindy at the popular STK restaurant in Hollywood.

April 22, 2008 Vanity Fair Green Beat Blog
Cindy Crawford: How You Can Make a Difference on Earth Day