Monday, January 28, 2008

Cindy in Advertising

All- American Girl Who Shocked Schoolmates With Her First Swimsuit Shoot
"She was just wearing a very brief bikini", Cheryl Arundel recalled, in "an ad for Marshall Field`s. It was so sensational, kids plastered it on every bulletin board and wall at De Kalb High. Cindy was an A student and was totally embarrassed but after that, she was the girl everyone wanted to date."

Grosvenor Fur, Ultimo, I. Magnin, Roz & Sherm, etc ... some of the campaigns that she make throughout 1984 - 1985 working with Victor Skrebneski.

*1987* First ads for Ellen Tracy and Revlon which led her to multimillion dollar contracts
*1988* Cindy began to appear on Palmers already legendary line of billboards. Her feminine form and self- distinguishing birthmark above the upper lip made her one of the most recognized models in the fashion industry. The continually sought- after "all American girl" was the first international Palmers model.

Due to Michael's uncanny ability to discover the superstars of the future, the young Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington, Stephanie Seymour and Karen Mulder have graced the cover of past North Beach Leather catalogs. Top photographers from Skrebneski, Herb Ritts, Philip Dixon to Bensimmon have assisted in creating edgy, targeted and memorable campaigns.

*1989* Signed six million dollar contract with Revlon for four years.
1991* She was the first model to advertise Pepsi
*1993* Cindy Crawford causes traffic chaos when she poses in H&M`s underwear for Christmas 1993. Stories of posters being stolen by anonymous admirers hit the headlines, but this is just beginning.
1995* Became Ambassador of OMEGA watches to the present day
*1996* Cindy designed her own jewelry collection for Key Jewelry.
Advertised El Corte Ingles, made ads and TV commercials for spring/summer and fall/winter collection. Made great campaign for Calze Levante and Swish Jeans.
*1997* Appeared in a Cadillac commercial that also premiered on Superbowl XXXI and was later criticized for being too sexy.
*1999* Contract with Foster Grant & Spanish Danone yogurt
*2000* Contract with French Moulinex & 24 Hour Fitness

12/2000 Cindy had served as the face of the cosmetics company for the past 11 years but now Revlon decided not to renew her contract. "I feel the baby was thrown out with the bath water. It would have been easy for Revlon to capitalize on my evolution - I'm a mom, I'm married now, my image is a businessperson. They might have used me in a more modern way." - Cindy on Revlon`s dismissal.

Signed 10 million dollar contract with Ellen Tracy.
Cindy Crawford has been such a wonderful 'face' for us – her look resonates with the Ellen Tracy woman," notes Linda Allard.

*2001, February* - EAS has signed multi-year endorsement contracts with Cindy Crawford who will support the EAS AdvantEdge meal replacement drinks and nutrition bars.

*2002, March* - Comeback with Pepsi on 74th Academy Awards: "There's no better way to kick off this new look than with Cindy Crawford, one of the most beloved members of the Pepsi family." (Presley and Kaia appears shortly in the TV commercial)

*2002, August 24* - Advertising for German Burger King "99ers"
*2002, September* Launches her first fragrance "Cindy Crawford" and body care line
*2003, March 24* - New campaign for the Austrian Vaslauer water
*2003, April 17* - Advertising Polish Arctic mineral water for a fee of half a million dollars
*2003, April 18* - Cindy signed a deal with Procter & Gamble to serve as the face and voice for Clairol’s Nice ’n Easy hair color brand. (Presley and Kaia appear in the TV commercial)

*2003, July 26* Launches her own skin care line "Meaningful Beauty"
*2003, September* - Launches her second fragrance "Feminine"
*2004, May* - Launches her third fragrance "Joyful"
*2004* - "Blackglama" Fall/Winter campaign
*2004 - 2005* - TV commercial and campaign for "Ripley"
*2005* - "Byblos" Spring/Summer campaign
*2005* - "Munthe plus Simonsen" Spring/Summer campaign
*2005* - Mexican "Liverpool" Spring/Summer campaign
*2005, June* - Launches her fourth fragrance "Waterfalls"
*2005* - First "ALDO Fights AIDS - YouthAIDS" campaign
*2005, September* Cindy launches "Cindy Crawford Home" furniture line exclusively with southeast furniture giant Rooms to Go.
*2006, February* - SAFE (Skin Awareness For Everyone) @ Superdrug campaign
*2006* - Liz Claiborne Spring/Summer campaign
*2006 November* - Cindy launches "Cindy Crawford Kids", a furniture line for kids
*2006/2007* - I Love Turkish Leather campaign
*2006/2007* - Remington products - TV and ads campaign
*2007* - New York & Company Spring/Summer campaign
*2007/2008* - Stephen Knoll's Hair Products for Japanese cosmetic company KOSE

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