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Cindy in Advertising

All- American Girl Who Shocked Schoolmates With Her First Swimsuit Shoot
"She was just wearing a very brief bikini", Cheryl Arundel recalled, in "an ad for Marshall Field`s. It was so sensational, kids plastered it on every bulletin board and wall at De Kalb High. Cindy was an A student and was totally embarrassed but after that, she was the girl everyone wanted to date."

Grosvenor Fur, Ultimo, I. Magnin, Roz & Sherm, etc ... some of the campaigns that she make throughout 1984 - 1985 working with Victor Skrebneski.

*1987* First ads for Ellen Tracy and Revlon which led her to multimillion dollar contracts
*1988* Cindy began to appear on Palmers already legendary line of billboards. Her feminine form and self- distinguishing birthmark above the upper lip made her one of the most recognized models in the fashion industry. The continually sought- after "all American girl" was the first international Palmers model.

Due to Michael's uncanny ability to discover the superstars of the future, the young Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington, Stephanie Seymour and Karen Mulder have graced the cover of past North Beach Leather catalogs. Top photographers from Skrebneski, Herb Ritts, Philip Dixon to Bensimmon have assisted in creating edgy, targeted and memorable campaigns.

*1989* Signed six million dollar contract with Revlon for four years.
1991* She was the first model to advertise Pepsi
*1993* Cindy Crawford causes traffic chaos when she poses in H&M`s underwear for Christmas 1993. Stories of posters being stolen by anonymous admirers hit the headlines, but this is just beginning.
1995* Became Ambassador of OMEGA watches to the present day
*1996* Cindy designed her own jewelry collection for Key Jewelry.
Advertised El Corte Ingles, made ads and TV commercials for spring/summer and fall/winter collection. Made great campaign for Calze Levante and Swish Jeans.
*1997* Appeared in a Cadillac commercial that also premiered on Superbowl XXXI and was later criticized for being too sexy.
*1999* Contract with Foster Grant & Spanish Danone yogurt
*2000* Contract with French Moulinex & 24 Hour Fitness

12/2000 Cindy had served as the face of the cosmetics company for the past 11 years but now Revlon decided not to renew her contract. "I feel the baby was thrown out with the bath water. It would have been easy for Revlon to capitalize on my evolution - I'm a mom, I'm married now, my image is a businessperson. They might have used me in a more modern way." - Cindy on Revlon`s dismissal.

Signed 10 million dollar contract with Ellen Tracy.
Cindy Crawford has been such a wonderful 'face' for us – her look resonates with the Ellen Tracy woman," notes Linda Allard.

*2001, February* - EAS has signed multi-year endorsement contracts with Cindy Crawford who will support the EAS AdvantEdge meal replacement drinks and nutrition bars.

*2002, March* - Comeback with Pepsi on 74th Academy Awards: "There's no better way to kick off this new look than with Cindy Crawford, one of the most beloved members of the Pepsi family." (Presley and Kaia appears shortly in the TV commercial)

*2002, August 24* - Advertising for German Burger King "99ers"
*2002, September* Launches her first fragrance "Cindy Crawford" and body care line
*2003, March 24* - New campaign for the Austrian Vaslauer water
*2003, April 17* - Advertising Polish Arctic mineral water for a fee of half a million dollars
*2003, April 18* - Cindy signed a deal with Procter & Gamble to serve as the face and voice for Clairol’s Nice ’n Easy hair color brand. (Presley and Kaia appear in the TV commercial)

*2003, July 26* Launches her own skin care line "Meaningful Beauty"
*2003, September* - Launches her second fragrance "Feminine"
*2004, May* - Launches her third fragrance "Joyful"
*2004* - "Blackglama" Fall/Winter campaign
*2004 - 2005* - TV commercial and campaign for "Ripley"
*2005* - "Byblos" Spring/Summer campaign
*2005* - "Munthe plus Simonsen" Spring/Summer campaign
*2005* - Mexican "Liverpool" Spring/Summer campaign
*2005, June* - Launches her fourth fragrance "Waterfalls"
*2005* - First "ALDO Fights AIDS - YouthAIDS" campaign
*2005, September* Cindy launches "Cindy Crawford Home" furniture line exclusively with southeast furniture giant Rooms to Go.
*2006, February* - SAFE (Skin Awareness For Everyone) @ Superdrug campaign
*2006* - Liz Claiborne Spring/Summer campaign
*2006 November* - Cindy launches "Cindy Crawford Kids", a furniture line for kids
*2006/2007* - I Love Turkish Leather campaign
*2006/2007* - Remington products - TV and ads campaign
*2007* - New York & Company Spring/Summer campaign
*2007/2008* - Stephen Knoll's Hair Products for Japanese cosmetic company KOSE


*1966* Born: February 20, De Kalb, Illinois
*1975* January 3rd, Cindy`s brother Jeffrey died of leukemia two weeks before his 4th birthday
Her parents, Jennifer and Daniel, are divorced

Cindy and a friend were among 50 girls who spent a free weekend in Chicago in exchange for letting Clairol Inc. cut their hair at the Midwest Hair Show. One of the Clairol people suggested she try modeling and gave her the name of an agency.

That agency was less than enthusiastic about her long-legged, fresh-scrubbed looks and they insisted on removing the mole. "The mole thing upset me. I don't believe in having things like that done, but I was interested in seeing if I could do something in modeling." She made a deal with her parents. They gave her $500 and told her that was it. She used the money to have her pictures taken. "The pictures weren't too good. But the makeup artist called Elite about me."

"She came in one day and told me she had to make a decision whether she should leave her job in the cornfield," remembers Elite's Marie Anderson.
"I told her to please take a chance and drop the cornfield job." Cindy began edging towards the $1,000-a-day bracket that summer between her junior and senior years of high school. She went to Japan on a modeling assignment, she was one of 12 finalists in an international Elite-sponsored contest, she continued getting straight A's in high school and she met Victor Skrebneski.

*1984 - 1985*
Cindy graduated Valedictorian of DeKalb High and had bet her father that she would get straight A's all the way through high school; "When I got my last report card, I said, 'Dad, you owe me.' He said, 'You're asking me for that money when you're making all that?' And I said, 'I certainly am--it's the principle of it." She won enough scholarships and grants to attend Northwestern University but had to leave after a semester because juggling a major in chemical engineering with modeling was too much.

The relationship between Victor and Cindy is intense. "It has to be, when you work with someone every day," he says. "I know her concerns ... when I'm nervous, she gets nervous. I'm not close to most models anymore, but Cindy is here almost every day. She brings hot muffins when she comes in the morning. We work, we take maybe 14 minutes for lunch. By 5, we're exhausted." She has, he says, "one of the most beautiful natural bodies," but it's her intelligence that has been crucial in the making of the million-dollar face.

"It's not complicated (why she has become a star), it's really simple. It's that intelligent force in her--she learns so quickly." "He teaches you, he makes you into the kind of model he wants to work with," she says. "He knows exactly what he wants. It's hard to describe exactly how I feel about him, except I know I respect him as much as I've ever respected anyone."

Skrebneski adds: "It's inevitable that there will be a split at some time. She will leave. She might get interested in films. There are any number of things she can do. She's so intelligent. But I still have some time with her."

*1986* Cindy commuted between jobs in Chicago and New York but she didn't make a commitment to New York until she had a fall-out with Skrebneski on her 20th birthday. The next day Cindy learned that she`d won a big money job in Bali. She had to cancel a conflicting shoot with Skrebneski. "That was it", she says. "I understand his feelings. He made me. But you can`t make something and keep it for yourself. " Cindy finally took the plunge and moved to New York to try her luck.


*1988* Became the first modern supermodel to pose nude for Playboy, which led an MTV executive to hire her for their new fashion program House of Style.
*1991* Cindy was married to actor Richard Gere at the Little Church of the West in Las Vegas by Rev. Wes McPherson.
*1992* Created a popular series of exercise videos.
*1993* Numerous calendars, with half of the proceeds going to charities fighting leukemia.
*1995* Cindy and Richard are divorced. Made her film debut in the 1995 movie Fair Game
*1996*Released a book titled Cindy Crawford's Basic Face:A Makeup Workbook
*1997* Dated with Val Kilmer. Signed a 3 year exclusive development deal with ABC.
*1998* May 29-Cindy married bar owner Rande Gerber at the Ocean Club Resorton Paradise Island in the Bahamas.
*1999* July 2 - Cindy gave birth to her first child Presley Walker Gerber. Her son weighed 8 pounds, 4 ounces and was 20 inches long.
*1999*December 6 -Injured when her husband swerved his Jeep to avoid hitting a horse.
*2001* September 3, Cindy gave birth to a baby girl, Kaia Jordan Gerber, the second child for her and husband Rande Gerber. She weighed 7 pounds, 10 ounces.
*2001* September 30, Released a playful children's book "About Face" with Presley

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Filmography - TV appearances

1987, "The Secret of My Success" - Cameo
1988, "The making of a model" - documentary
1989-1995, MTV "House of Style" - host
1990, "Futures with Jaime Escalante"
1992, Fox TV: "Concert for Life", in memory of Freddie Mercury - host
Fox TV: "Stuntwomen World Tour '92," - host
1992, Helmut Newton documentary - herself
1993, "Supermodel - The film" by Peter Lindberg - herself
1994, March 19, "Saturday Night Live" - herself
1995, "Fair Game "-Kate McQuean
1995, "Unzipped"- herself
1995, "Catwalks"- herself
1998, "Later" - host
1998, "Beautopia" - herself
1998, "Elmopalooza!" - herself
1998, 54...VIP Patron...aka Fifty - Four
1998, "Intimate Portrait: Cindy Crawford"
1998, "Sex with Cindy Crawford" - tv show, host
1999-2000, "GMA" - "Presley's First Year " - series, host
2000, "Crónicas marcianas"-TV series
2000, "We Married Margo" - herself
2000, "Bodyguards " - herself
2001, "The Simian Line"- Sandra

Notable TV guest appearances

1978, "Days of Our Lives"- playing "Teenager"
1996, April 4, "Muppets Tonight" -herself
1996, October 21, "Larry King Live - Basic face"
1996, October 31, "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno"
1996, November 26, "The Conan O'Brian Show "
1996, "The Oprah Winfrey Show - Basic face"
1997, March 19, "The Late Show with David Letterman"
1997, March 20, "Regis and Kathie Lee"
1997, April 9, MTV VMA - Presenting An Award
1997, June, Hungarian Friderikusz Show
1997, April 18, "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno"
1997, October 28, "Frasier" - playing "Dorothy"(voice) in : "Halloween"
1997, "Later with Greg Kinnear" - playing "Guest host"
1998, January 25, "3rd Rock from The Sun" - Mascha in "3624! 36! Dick!"
1998, February 11, "The Late Show with David Letterman"
1998, May 13, "Ellen" -herself in "Ellen: A Hollywood Tribute (1)"
1998, September, "The Howie Mandel Show"
1998, September 7, "The Rosie O`Donnell Show"
1998, September 14, "The Late Show with David Letterman"
1998, December 8, "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno"
1999, April 29, "Regis and Kathie Lee"
1999, June 16, "The Man Show" episode: "Oprahization", herself
2000, March 25, "Wetten Dass ", Germany
2000, April 13, "The Rosie O`Donnell Show"
2000, May 9, "The Oprah Winfrey Show"
2000, May 11, "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno"
2000, November 12, "The Rosie O`Donnell Show"
2001, April 19, "The Rosie O`Donnell Show"
2002, June 26, "The View"
2002, June 26, ABC "Good Morning America"
2002, July 5, "The View"
2002, September 5, "Wetten Dass ", Germany
2002, October 8, "According to Jim" - car-sales mgr, "Cars and Chicks"
2003, June 13, "Johannes B. Kerner show", Germany
2003, October 21, "When Supermodels Ruled the World VH1"
2003, October 27, "Szulak Andrea Show", Hungary
2003, November 6, "The Oprah Winfrey Show; Celebrities Favorite Places"
2004, February 4, "The Late Show with David Letterman"
2004, October 4, Dr. 90210 E!
2004, October 11, "The Oprah Winfrey Show; World's Biggest Baby Shower"
2005, January 12, "CityLine with Marilyn Denis"
2005, January 12, "Canada AM"
2005, January 28, "The View"
2005, February 7, "EXTRA TV"
2005, February 23, "Life & Style"
2005, March 9, UK's Channel 4 "Richard & July"
2005, March 11, RTL 4 "Pulse"
2005, March 28, E! News Live
2005, March 28, E! Beauty Secrets Revealed
2005, July 17, "De Pe a Pa" show, Chile
2005, November 4, "CBS News: The Early Show"
2005, November 13,
"Fox News: Weekend Live"
2006, February 7,
"The View"
2006, April 25, "Extra"
2006, November 13, The View"
2007, February 27, "The Tyra Banks Show "
2007, October 30, "The Oprah Winfrey Show"